Licensed Monumental Masons 2017/2018

CCASA, together with the Monumental Masons Association of South Australia (MMSA), has worked to establish a state-wide Work, Health, Safety annual licensing of Monumental Masons to work in all cemeteries in SA.

In April of each year, each Monumental Mason will be required to forward the following information to CCASA:
> Details of company name and key personnel
> The names of the Officers in their company as defined by the WHS Act 2012
> Copies of public liability insurance for $20M
> Copies of Workcover currency
> Copies of white cards for all their employees who work in cemeteries
> Copies of certification of load shifting equipment i.e. truck mounted cranes
> Copies of their WHS policies
> Copies of their job safety analysis (JSA)

In May each year CCASA will review and process the applications and issue an annual licence to all Monumental Masons and their employees which will include the name of the worker and the company they are employed by.

The proposed license system seeks to ensure that cemeteries and Monumental Masons meet their obligations under the WHS Act and WHS Regulations.

By providing this single license system, Monumental Masons will then be able to work in any cemetery in SA. The licenses will be provided under the understanding that it must be carried by Monumental Masons and presented to all cemetery staff upon request.

The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority will conduct random audits of Monumental Masons’ work when they are operating on-site and will be developing a system for them to report when they are onsite to undertake cemetery work.

2017/2018 Licensed Monumental Masons:

NameInsurerInsurance typePolicy numberExpiry dateCover
S.D. Tillett Memorials incorporating
• Jordan Memorials
• B & D Helbig Memorials
CGU InsurancePublic/Products Liability
Advertising Injury
10M 74231174:00pm
Goerecke MemorialsCGU InsurancePublic/Products Liability15T9652388 2613/07/2018$20,000,000
Schubert and SonsShield Insurance BrokersPublic/Products LiabilitySPX0091081994:00pm 16/10/2017$20,000,000
Life’s MemoriesQBE InsurancePublic/Products LiabilityGAU193943BPK4:00pm 30/06/2018$20,000,000
Riverland MemorialsWFIBusiness legal liability08 CPL 340144501/07/2018$20,000,000
Ken Slater MemorialsQBE InsurancePublic/Products Liability1GAU165045BFK4:00pm 21/04/2018$20,000,000