Plain English Statement

On the 1st of February 2014, the Burial and Cremation Act 2013 and the Burial and Cremation Regulations 2014 were revised and updated.

A major amendment to these Regulations was the addition of Clause 10, the requirement for a Plain English Statement.

The statement describes the terms and conditions for buying grave and memorial (ashes site) rights at a Cemetery.  This form must be completed and a signed copy of this document must be received by the cemetery before a grave or memorial can be used.

In conjunction with the Australian Funeral Director’s Association, a standardised Plain English Statement was developed for use throughout South Australia.

A copy of the Plain English Statement for cemeteries is provided here CCASA Plain English Statement-Jun2014.

Plain English Statement pads are available form CCASA at minimal cost. Please contact CCASA to purchase a pad of Plain English Statement forms for your cemetery.

NOTE: A Plain English Statement form is required to be completed for new burial and memorial Interment Rights (formally Grants or Leases) and when extending the tenure on an existing Interment Right.

Second interments in a grave or memorial position do not require the completion of a Plain English Statement form.